Corridan gallery of Santa Barbara

Contemporary Fine Art of Santa Barbara

Exhibits and Events

Winter 2016 exhibit at Corridan Gallery

Bringing it all Back Home
October through February 17, 2018

Santa Barbara Visual Artists

SB Visual Artists Exhibit
March 1 - April 14, 2018

Santa Barbara Visual Artists

Karen Fedderson Open Studios Exhibit
September 1 - October 6, 2018

Winter 2016 exhibit at Corridan Gallery

Fall Colors
Oct through Dec, 2016

Seascapes by Karen Fedderson

Out on the Coast
February 2 - March 18, 2017

Large Foral Paintings

So Excited to welcome the fabulous
Barbara Eberhart to the Gallery

sophie Cooper exhibit at Corridan Gallery

"Into The City"
February - March, 2015

Marlen Struss Photo colage
Santa Barbara Studio Artists
Karen Fedderson oil paintings

"Out For a Walk"
December 2013 through February 2014


Fur, Feathers and Fins October 22 - December 7, 2013

Ann Beth Abstract paintings
Italien floral mixed media
Pastel painting by Sarah Carr

New Vistas September 12 - November 3, 2012

Photography by pat shourds

Oh My Gosh, What is That? July 12 - August 31, 2012

Califonia landscape painting by Karen Fedderson

A Larger View May 17 - July 7, 2012

masha Keating oil on linen fantasy painting

New Growth
March 29 - May 12, 2012

karen fedderson cottage healing arts program murals

Cottage Hospital Healing Arts Program January - December, 2011

jrff jone wilderness photography

ARCTIC SANCTUARYOctober 22 - 30, 2010

Karen Aggelar abstract painting

Santa Barbara in the Abstract
May 11 - June 26, 2010

murphy Kuhn abstract photography

June 9th - July 25th, 2009

Santa barbara pleinair landscape paintings

On Our Way Back Home
April 7th - May 30th, 2009

Elliott Ciampi Koi paintings

The Koi Paintings
January 15th - February 28th, 2009

karen fedderson santa barbara landscape oil paintings

Poetry on Canvas
August 15th - October 31st, 2008

Ruth Ellen Hoag water color figre paintings

Focus on the Figure
Feburary 19th - March 29th, 2008

jeff jone wilderness photography

November 1st - December 23rd, 2007


Imaginary Realizations
September 19th - October 28th, 2007

Lasting Impressions
June 8th - August 25th, 2007